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63mm drop ring, tamper-evident buttress style closure for the chemical industry.

Protection: The closure is designed with a patented internal lug system that, when combined with the custom neck finish, decreases the chance for back-off and leakage.

Security: The closure is designed with an external tamper-evident band that deters counterfeiting of established brand name chemicals.

Durability: Strong structural supports keep the closure in tact and functional, even when strong downward pressure is applied.

Recyclable: This closure can be used with foam liners, eliminating the difficulty of bottle recycling due to heat sealed foil liner contamination.

Accessibility: An integral liner cutter exists to assist users with easy and safe access to the product.


This packaging system which includes both the closure and custom neck finish, can be used for the crop protection market in either liquid or dry applications. Other chemical applications will find this package suitable as will some food segments, such as edible oil.

Important Information You Should Know

The AgricapTM can be used with three different liner materials: induction foil, foam, and a foam/foil combination for solvent based products. The closure must be used in conjunction with a custom neck finish. Weatherchem can work with your current certified bottle provider in the development of the Weatherchem neck finish.

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