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Dispensing Closures: The FlapperŪ

Now avaialble from Proactive Packaging, the FlapperŪ is the ideal closure to use for a wide range of granular and powdered products including spice & seasoning, grated cheese, other dry foods, nutritional supplements and vitamins, lawn and garden chemicals, household chemicals, and pet food and health products.

Available in the following Sizes:
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Dispensing Options:
  • Pour
  • Sift
  • Directional Pour
  • Spoon

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The Flapper is available in Black, White, and these colors.
(custom colors also available)

(approximating Pantone 2945C)

(approximating Pantone 4695C)

(approximating Pantone 348C)

(approximating Pantone 186C)

(approximating Pantone 101C)
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Overall Benefits of Using the Flapper

  • One-piece design eliminates the need to purchase, inventory, and apply a separate cap and sifter fitment
  • Flaps close with a positive "snap" assuring containment and freshness after every use
  • Patented design ensures that sift holes are self-cleaning to prevent clogging, and provide consistent dispensing
  • Choice of convenient dispensing options to enhance your product image and provide package convenience
  • Available in a wide range of colors, and tamper-evident and frehness seal options

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Liners and Cuts

The Flapper can be fitted with a variety of standard liners, including the clean peel induction seal liner, residual peel induction seal liner, pressure sensitive liner and pulp. In addition, the following cuts are available:

Round Cut
Round Cut


Lift 'n' Peel