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ARTY Rotor 40 and Rotor 60
Volumetric Cup Fillers

Picture of Volumetric Cup-Filler

Design elegance and operational simplicity are essential considerations when adding equipment to a packaging line. Proactive Packaging recognizes these values most in recommending the Rotor 40 and Rotor 60 volumetric cup-fillers to our customers. Relying on ARTYPAC's Vectormotion maintenance-free drive system, the Rotor 40 and Rotor 60 are a cost-efficient soloution for free-flowing dry products.

The Rotor 40 and Rotor 60 provide excellent accuracy when filling coffee beans, popcorn, rice, jelly beans, peanuts, almonds, sugar, salt, even when running at speeds up to 75 cycles per minute. Product quantities are easily adjusted using telescopic cups and multiple dumps.

The Rotor 40 and Rotor 60 can be used as stand-alone units or in conjunction with other packaging systems, including: vertical form-fill-and-seal machines, cartoning machines, conveyors, and others.

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